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Portada Seguros Empresariales Bupa Corporate Care

Healthcare insurance
for your company

We offer you the best alternatives in healthcare for your employees.

Corporate Care

Access to a wide variety of benefits for your company.

We provide coverage and medical assistance to
small and large companies around the wolrld.

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Premium Insurance

A premium insurance with valuable benefits that supports talent retention and promotes loyalty.

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Your company's needs

One coverage solution for a company with presence in multiple countries, simplifying management and reducing related expenses.

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Excellent coverage

We provide access to our global network of healthcare providers, ideal for frequent travelers, expatriates, and families who seek better care abroad.

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Customized coverage

Flexibility to define a plan that fits the needs of your company.

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Dental Cover

It starts with accident-related treatment in the first six months of the date of the injury From that on, routine and more serious treatments are included.

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Surgery cover

You will have access to an extensive maternity package, to keep the mother and her baby healthy.

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Hospitalization and treatment

Success begins with being and feeling healthy. This is why we're with you for routine preventive check-ups, dental and eye cover, and healthcare counseling.

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Medical evacuation

If the care you need isn't available locally, we'll get you to a facility that can provide the necessary treatment.

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